The Town of Natick, Massachusetts was first settled in 1651 and later incorporated as a Town in 1781.
Natick’s roughly 16 square miles is home to an estimated 31,975 people and located 15 miles west of Boston.


The Town of Natick started its curbside recycling collection program in 1995. The Town offers curbside refuse and recycling collection services to approximately 63% of their households. The collection service is offered to all 1-4 family households but excludes condominiums. The Town also has a drop off recycling facility which is available to all Natick residents, business, institutions and commercial operations.


The Town of Natick implemented a Pay-As-You-Throw Program on July 1, 2003 after a Town vote and much public discussion. All household trash must be disposed of in special Town supplied blue trash bags available for purchase at retail locations throughout town including supermarkets and convenience stores. Trash must be set out in the specially purchased Town bags or it will not be collected by the Town.

Last year the Contractor for the Town collected approximately 3,400 tons of curbside recyclable materials from approximately 8,200 households, the equivalent of about 800 pounds collected per household served. Currently the Contractor picks up the curbside recyclables every other week on the same day as the trash pickup.