Simply The Best

Wastequip compactors are simply the best compactors in the industry. Retailers, warehouses, supermarkets and other institutions depend on reliable waste handling equipment and Wastequip compactors deliver year after year. Designed with both the operator and service technician in mind, Wastequip compactors are safe and simple to operate while also being easy to service. Wastequip is the only company to offer the Guardian, the only power unit you’ll ever need. It works with all brands of compactors and features two watch dog timers to prevent unintended operation that can result in motor burnout.

Reduce Costs

A Wastequip compactor allows your business to reduce the size and volume of waste material through compressing and crushing. This reduces the number of hauls which lowers collection costs.

Improve Safety and Appearance

Wastequip compactors prevent unauthorized access or disposal of material by ensuring waste and recyclables are contained. This improves both safety and appearance.